District 9-2 Southeast

This fellowship posting is in District 9-2 Southeast in Waycross, Georgia. The fellow selected for this position will be an employee of Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health for the duration of the fellowship, but will spend their time working as a level 1 epidemiologist within the Waycross district.  The fellow should expect to work in-person, although a hybrid work schedule may become available to the fellow based on performance.  

The Fellow can expect to engage in a variety of epidemiologic activities with priorities being: 

  1. Notifiable disease case and outbreak investigations
  2. Surveillance system data entry, cleaning, and management
  3. Data analysis

In addition to regular duties, the fellow needs to complete an oral/poster presentation and at least two required analytic, evaluation, or quality improvement projects such as: 

  • Contributing to an analytic project where the fellow will review the Public Health Accreditation Board requirements to determine epidemiology-related tasks and standards. Providing guidance based on this information for incorporating those tasks into the current epidemiology department (ex: developing a plan for maintaining updated community health assessments).
  • Analyzing disease data for the district and developing charts/tables to report the prevalence, trend, and disparities (specifically for rural and college communities). Developing a health education plan for internal and external stakeholders to share information on the prevalence and prevention measures.