Partner. Support. Respond.

Supporting practice- and evaluation- focused activities that put Emory’s talented academic community into the service of Georgia’s public health partners during the COVID-19 crisis and into the future.

Focus Areas:

  1. COVID-19 program planning, implementation and coordination: to participate in state strategic and program planning and identify areas for immediate focus for assistance from faculty, alumni, and students
  2. Outbreak response and evaluation: to identify and support Emory faculty, students and staff to work in the field alongside practice partners to deftly investigate and stem COVID-19 outbreaks as they arise throughout Georgia
  3. Training and deployment: to prepare talented, junior public health professionals to succeed in work experiences within each of the 18 district health departments and state headquarters, with a particular focus on epidemiology through creation of the Rollins COVID-19 Epidemiology Fellows program
  4. COVID-19 surveillance, research and monitoring: to identify key areas where rapid implementation, evaluation and research support is needed and provide support through demonstration projects or other sources of funding. This includes an immediate opportunity to conduct the nation’s first randomized statewide COVID-19 household survey in conjunction with an NIH-approved national survey.

Leadership & Team