Transmission Dynamics of COVID-19 in Georgia, USA

Emory Team: Dr. Max Lau, Dr. Ben Lopman, Dr. Kristin Nelson, Yuke Yang, Casey Siesel

GDPH Team: Dr. Laura Edison, Michael Thomas

This project aims to understand the transmission dynamics of COVID-19 in Georgia using relevant modeling techniques.

The specific goals include:

  1. quantifying the effectiveness of population-level interventions including shelter-in-place order,
  2. understanding transmission heterogeneity including super-spreading and age-specific infectiousness,
  3. providing up-to-date estimation of outbreak severity (summarized by the reproductive number),
  4. understanding transmission within facilities – specifically estimation of reproductive number and transmission patterns within nursing homes and the relationship to community transmission,  
  5. identifying risk factors for infection among healthcare workers and
  6. monitoring age-specific trends in reported cases.

This set of projects will help GDPH to better understand the risk factors of transmission, impact of community and facility-level interventions and to plan for more optimal control measures.