Podcast with “Pracademic” Dr. Allison Chamberlain

Public Health Pracademics explores the intersection between academia and practice with an eye toward recognizing those already bridging this gap and encouraging others to embrace efforts to link science and practice.

With all that we have to work on right now, from racism to COVID-19, and the intersection of these two, I can hardly think of a better time to talk about how pracademic work is essential to creating change in public health. I’m happy to be able to talk with Dr. Allison Chamberlain today, in our first pracademic podcast, about a new project she’s working on that sits right at the intersection of academia and public health practice. Dr. Chamberlain is leading a team that recently received funding at Emory University to work with the Georgia Department of Public Health and create the Emory COVID-19 Response Collaborative.


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